Marina di pulsano: the background of our b&b

Marina di Pulsano is among the most loved and appreciated resorts by tourists for its wonderful paradisiac beaches watered by a crystal clear sea. The coastline of this area, about 8 km long, is dotted with coves with golden sand and seabed, shallow for several meters, making it particularly suitable for even the youngest children. The Antica Casina’s privileged location allows our staff to recommend or book for guests, the most beautiful beaches and the most exclusive places on the most beautiful coasts of the Ionian coast, which can be reached within a few minutes driving distance from the B&B. We are, also, affiliated with the lido Capitan Morgan, about 800 m from Antica Casina, which is nestled in one of the most beautiful and striking bays of Marina di Pulsano


the Cultural and historical tourist attractions of pulsano


Historical location, a must-visit in Pulsano, and the elegant and majestic De Falconibus Castle is a structure of clear medieval origin on which the classic spires stand out. The castle is located in a rather picturesque area so it can be reached perhaps on a beautiful walk through the narrow streets of the historic center

shrine of saint mary of lourdes

In Pulsano, moreover, there are so many types of religious art buildings that are a reminder of how in this area of Italy, the Faith has crossed several centuries with great emphasis. Splendid structure in this sense, and the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes built in the year 1838, becoming the mother church of Pulsano. It has a facade made in a style reminiscent of the Baroque style with a huge nave inside